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Wisdom Extraction

On Thursday afternoon I had one of my wisdom teeth extracted - it was the lower right one which had grown at a 70 degree angle to the horizontal and was impacting my rear molar. I wanted to get down here my thoughts here before the memory faded as it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life and yet just a couple of days later, the pain has subsided and I feel like I'm nearly back to normal - an incredible testament to our bodies magical healing skills.

This was picked up as I finally plucked the courage to go to a dentist with Dr K and the little guy - peer pressured into it by him being so good at the dentist. The dentist was rather good (as Dr K had attested) and found the beggiing of decay in the rear molar and so referred me for extraction (after openly discussing my options and ability to walk away if I liked). I took the plunge and so about two months later the day came. I'd been not thinking much about it and really impressed myself by not getting into a tizz at any point. My only other extraction experience was the incisors back when I had braces. The extraction of the first two caused me to scream in such a way that I think I frightened my mum in the waiting room. I'm pretty sure the dentist had not done the anaesthetic correctly as when I went back for the second two there was no pain.

There was almost a similar story this time. After the initial injections - which are never really pleasant - the dentist (a big guy) went in for the first foray and loosened the tooth but I certainly felt pain. They noticed and then gave me an additional injection which felt really deep (makes me queasy just typing this). After that I indeed did not feel any "pain". But it was fucking horrendous. Twenty minutes of pulling and twisting and yanking and cutting and cracking and levering and eventually everything was out. I was a wreck. Some thoughts I had while it was going on were "I'm certainly not cycling home after this", "I wish I'd got an episode of Wittertainment on to listen to", "good god he's going to break my jaw", "it's quite amazing that this really isn't registering as pain", and "when this is over I definitely deserve a little cry". Which I did. I had a little cry there in the chair (as they continued to tell me to relax - I don't think my shoulders have a relaxed position), and then I waited a little longer out in the waiting room trying not to scare the others waiting to go in. Then I stumbled myself home walking barefoot with my bike quite thankfull for it to be over and that the sun was out and glorious.

I was unable to talk when I got home, much to the confusion/interest of the little guy, and only drank some water and whatever blood was oozing into my mouth. I had to pop out to a Council of Churches AGM at half seven and left before the end in a cold fever and headed for bed. Podcasts kept my mind off things and helped me sleep in fits through the night. A pretty rough experience all in all, but thankfull it is over. Just the residual decay in that impacted molar to deal with, but not just yet.


The Blog of Photos - past 30 days

Are We Living in a Simulation

I'll try and voice this thought, but don't expect it to make a whole lot of sense right now. It relates to a recent broadcast/podcast of The Infinite Monkey Cage on the subject of "Are We Living in a Simulation". This particular subject has had a bit of a resurgence lately it seems, also coming up in Hello Internet and I think also on BBC Click. But this particular discussion got very much into faith territory in a way I wasn't expecting.

Basically, as far as I can tell from my first listening (which was conducted whilst picking blackberries for wine making) they proved the existence of God in all but name. Either that, or they made the case for life being ENTIRELY pointless in a way I had never considered before and as such the belief in a God was so much more attractive than the belief in no God. It was this stark choice between hope and total hopelessness. As Phill Jupitus put it, you might as well literally go berserk because simply nothing matters. Gone was that nice Humanist side of Atheism, this was pure empty pointless hell.

Like I say, only listened once and need to listen again now that some of the swirling confusion has subsided, so perhaps I'll have more coherent thoughts later on. I'm also considering running a Histon Methodist Youthish (name still to be worked out) evening session on this cast so I'll definitely need to re-listen in preparation for that.


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