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Hello and welcome

Some introductory text to go here. Probably. Maybe soon now that I have FTP access again.

On this day 10 years ago:

No I Don't Want Any Icecream

That bloody ice cream van! Up until a month or so ago there seemed to be no problem - if anyone wanted ice cream they would simply pop to the shops and purchase it. But now, some van god has determined that we are no longer capable of reaching the shops ourselves and must all be so completely desperate for ice cream that a van must be sent round to every street in the city in the off chance that we are at that zero-ice-cream crisis point.

It's not really that I have a problem with the idea of vans delivering ice to the door - I happily receive two pints of milk delivered direct every Friday. My problem is with the van itself. More specifically the blasted "music" it blares out. A sound which is so painfully ear piercing and exceptionally far reaching that your subconscious can pick it up almost a mile away, and then you simply can't not fail to hear it on every street as it nears your house.

But mostly what I hate is the music. For me it's the actual sound of summer holidays ending. That horrific little ditty has not changed a note in 20 years, and every-time it pierces my brain I'm taken back to my family garden, around sunset in the last week of the summer holidays with that looming scythe of dread at the impending return to school and the bullying torment that contains.

But also what mostly annoys me is the way he (Mr Impetuous) never stops his painful music at its end. He always lets it slip into the next reppitition a few notes and then kills it. So I, with my OCD perfectionist brain, is left obliged to finish the tune in my head. Grrr.


Blink and You Miss It

Watching the Doctor Who episode called Blink with my girlfriend the other day I noticed something very strange. Having copied the video from my Topfield to my MacBook Pro I was able to pause and scan through the frames. This is what I found - an unexpected view beneath the TARDIS. Just one scene and, quite literally if you blink you miss it (I'd watched the episode three times before and not noticed).

Doctor Who Blink (BBC) - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
Full frame shot of the TARDIS

Doctor Who Blink (BBC) - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
benith which we see a couple of large stage lights...

Doctor Who Blink (BBC) - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
... and an old blanket.


The Blog of Life

Village Cycle Ride

After last weeks impromptu post-dinner run, tonight the little man's suggestion was to got for a balance bike ride. I was game and so off we set, but just after strapping on my wellies I decided to opt for a bike myself rather than walk. Turns out wellies are not idea for cycling, but nevertheless we made it right the way round the village to nearly its most northerly boundary before returning home. A lovely sunset kept us enthralled all the way round.


First Family Run

Tonight we went for our first run with the little one. After dinner he was really keen to go out for a run, which was news to us, but with some fine evening weather it sounded like a great plan. We strapped our shoes on and set off round the block following his lead, up to the butchers, around past the pub and down the 'hill'. When we got back, he was keen to go again, so we said bye to Dr K and were off. He just loved it and was so happy and cheery laughing almost all the way round stopping only occasionally to smell a flower or remark on something he'd noticed. We got home and enjoyed some yoghurt for dessert before bed. What a lovely evening.


The Blog of Photos - past 30 days

Grim Weekend of Weather

Yesterday the weather was pretty grim and cold, but we managed to get quite a bit done - made bread, weeded driveway, tidied shed, mowed lawn, and went for walk to hear the church bells (no funeral this time). Today the weather has been equally grim if not a bit colder. After church (where the heating had failed!) I lit a fire to keep spirits up. The little guy took an unusually long nap after lunch which afforded some blissful time to read (shock!) and sort some photos. Then we spent most of the rest of the afternoon playing Duplo and building this and other rather lovely train tracks. I also accidentally ordered more on eBay. Also, tonight is the first time Ethan has gone to sleep in his big (upstairs) bed - fingers crossed he doesn't fall out in the night!

Duplo Train Track. © Nick Bailey
duplo track with two stations and a monorail

Rhubarb. © Nick Bailey
picking some rhubarb for desert


Are We Living in a Simulation

I'll try and voice this thought, but don't expect it to make a whole lot of sense right now. It relates to a recent broadcast/podcast of The Infinite Monkey Cage on the subject of "Are We Living in a Simulation". This particular subject has had a bit of a resurgence lately it seems, also coming up in Hello Internet and I think also on BBC Click. But this particular discussion got very much into faith territory in a way I wasn't expecting.

Basically, as far as I can tell from my first listening (which was conducted whilst picking blackberries for wine making) they proved the existence of God in all but name. Either that, or they made the case for life being ENTIRELY pointless in a way I had never considered before and as such the belief in a God was so much more attractive than the belief in no God. It was this stark choice between hope and total hopelessness. As Phill Jupitus put it, you might as well literally go berserk because simply nothing matters. Gone was that nice Humanist side of Atheism, this was pure empty pointless hell.

Like I say, only listened once and need to listen again now that some of the swirling confusion has subsided, so perhaps I'll have more coherent thoughts later on. I'm also considering running a Histon Methodist Youthish (name still to be worked out) evening session on this cast so I'll definitely need to re-listen in preparation for that.


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