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Hello and welcome

Some introductory text to go here. Probably. Maybe soon now that I have FTP access again.

The Blog of Life

Sensing Spring

Oh I love this time of year. There are only fleeing moments of this sense, but it is coming, with Not Miserable by Frightened Rabbit playing in my ears - that faint whiff of a warm weekend on the horizon.


A Brief Saturday Checking

Just checking in to write a breif note about my lack of posts here recently. I'm going to use the excuse of having a second baby which is taking all the energy and time to cope with. It is pretty tough and non-stop. We were warned and they were right. Interesting how easy is seems to have one child when you've got a second. I guess those with three and four must equally look back and think the same.

The new little chap is now five months old and growing quickly, much larger than the little man was at this age (about 3 or 4 months ahead). Things are developing quickly too - currently he's working on hand and finger control, now able to reach out and grab cups and bowls we're eating with in a slightly annoying fashion. But it's lovely to see this brain working hard trying to determin how to use these digits at the end of his arms. A while ago now there was a week when he really developed his eye control and I noticed how rather than turning his head he was suddenly able to move just his eyes and started tracking between my eyes and mouth when I chatted to him.

What is most lovely about him is his joy - he is overflowing with giggles in a way I don't remember the little man doing. He'll get into a cute crazed giggle conversation if you join in, mouth wide open and eyes glinting. It's a wonderful thing. On the other hand his insessant moaning whimper as he falls to sleep (or rather resists falling asleep at night) is just a tad frustrating. He had a penchant for waking up at night and having a moan which can only be quelled by 20 minutes jigging. Exhausting. But I'm sure I'll look back on it and think what a wonderful time it was. Uh oh, he's waking up after a morning nap, must go...


The Blog of Photos - past 30 days

The Young Woodcutter

We recently found a village tree surgeon who was offering his spare wood free to any takers. I didn't need to be asked twice. I cycled the little man over in the trailer and we loaded up with as much wood as we could carry - pleased to have the space of the twin child trailer to fill up as well. Then we cycled home and got to work axing it down with my Ray Mears Forest Axe.

Woodcutting. © Nick Bailey
Axing some free wood with my little boy


Are We Living in a Simulation

I'll try and voice this thought, but don't expect it to make a whole lot of sense right now. It relates to a recent broadcast/podcast of The Infinite Monkey Cage on the subject of "Are We Living in a Simulation". This particular subject has had a bit of a resurgence lately it seems, also coming up in Hello Internet and I think also on BBC Click. But this particular discussion got very much into faith territory in a way I wasn't expecting.

Basically, as far as I can tell from my first listening (which was conducted whilst picking blackberries for wine making) they proved the existence of God in all but name. Either that, or they made the case for life being ENTIRELY pointless in a way I had never considered before and as such the belief in a God was so much more attractive than the belief in no God. It was this stark choice between hope and total hopelessness. As Phill Jupitus put it, you might as well literally go berserk because simply nothing matters. Gone was that nice Humanist side of Atheism, this was pure empty pointless hell.

Like I say, only listened once and need to listen again now that some of the swirling confusion has subsided, so perhaps I'll have more coherent thoughts later on. I'm also considering running a Histon Methodist Youthish (name still to be worked out) evening session on this cast so I'll definitely need to re-listen in preparation for that.


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