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The Blog of Life

Ely, Winchester of the East

I've been discovering the delights of Ely with my little boy on our Wednesdays together. Having sampled most of the swimming pools in the area I seem to have settled on Ely as having about the best. The water in the learner pool is warm (I think they have underfloor heating throughout) and the pool slopes gently from zero to about one metre meaning there is a great shallow area for playing and building up confidence. The changing facilities are also quite nice and clean (and bright unlike Abbey Pool). The only down side was that when we went a fortnight ago the lifeguard was falling asleep in his chair - I was alerted by this little voice saying "Daddy, that man's sleeping" - not what you want to see from a lifeguard of a learner pool. This week he seemed well awake and we had a great time playing in the water with the floaty tube things and these armband cakes that a friend lent to us. Thinking of buying a set. After swimming we went to Waitrose for a little shop and a coffee (another key advantage of Ely over Cambridge!) and then took our picnic in the grounds of the Cathedral. We popped inside and the little guy was well impressed with the height of the ceiling and that it was painted. So much so that he was commenting on this as we talked through our day at bedtime. With warm weather we also managed some gardening time, cooking together - made a tofu stroganoff - and then a night time walk round the village.



We were home in Cheltenham for the weekend and in church when I popped out to the train station with the little chap to greet his cousin and family at the station. We got to see the trains going off, but due to the annoying ticket barriers you can no longer go and stand on the platform (greedy money grabbing privatized railway companies). We then bundled everyone in the car and returned to church for the service. I was sitting behind them both and watched this gorgeous and quite hilarious display of copying commenced. His cousin is older by just a few weeks and whatever it was he did - moving hands, shuffling forwards on the seat, arms back, lying down, coughing - he copied instantly. The coughing was particularly funny as it was instigated by Nana's real cough and then went on and on reverberating between the two like an echo. The rest of the day was spent playing together nicely including a lovely spell in the garden thinning the hazel and damson trees before processing all the branches into logs for the fire, cutting them with the help of the two boys in between bouts of zooming round on the longer pieces as makeshift brooms.[2017-10-08]

Final Farewell

Today my little boy waved me off to work from the bottom of the driveway again. It doesn't happen every day and each time it happens I think it might be his last time. Recently he's been not wanting to give me a hug or kiss before I leave for work until I actually leave the door and then he'll come running out for one. The times he joins me walking up to the shed, unlocking my bike and then walking back down the driveway are little magical gems that I don't mind being late to work for. But today was a little different. Normally he would stand and wait until he lost sight of me as I rode off (at which point I'd circle back and just check that he did wonder back up the driveway and home - which he always does). Today, however, he gave me a kiss, waved good by as I cycled away but then turned and walked back up the driveway before I disappeared. Just these little things which are signs that he's growing up.[2017-10-02]

The Blog of Photos - past 30 days

Are We Living in a Simulation

I'll try and voice this thought, but don't expect it to make a whole lot of sense right now. It relates to a recent broadcast/podcast of The Infinite Monkey Cage on the subject of "Are We Living in a Simulation". This particular subject has had a bit of a resurgence lately it seems, also coming up in Hello Internet and I think also on BBC Click. But this particular discussion got very much into faith territory in a way I wasn't expecting.

Basically, as far as I can tell from my first listening (which was conducted whilst picking blackberries for wine making) they proved the existence of God in all but name. Either that, or they made the case for life being ENTIRELY pointless in a way I had never considered before and as such the belief in a God was so much more attractive than the belief in no God. It was this stark choice between hope and total hopelessness. As Phill Jupitus put it, you might as well literally go berserk because simply nothing matters. Gone was that nice Humanist side of Atheism, this was pure empty pointless hell.

Like I say, only listened once and need to listen again now that some of the swirling confusion has subsided, so perhaps I'll have more coherent thoughts later on. I'm also considering running a Histon Methodist Youthish (name still to be worked out) evening session on this cast so I'll definitely need to re-listen in preparation for that.


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