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One Today (but only just)

It was the tractor book which had me in tears tonight. Right from the first dig-dig-digging. I think he suspected something was odd as he kept looking up to see why daddy was speaking oddly. It has been a gorgeous day, sunny and warm (not filled with a thunderstorm), two play dates (one home and one away with lots of sand), we had a bit of toy shopping, greengrocer shopping (sadly now in a neighbouring village), a compost run, the sight of a bright orange rescue helicopter, dinner alfresco, and even a chiminea fire. Pretty full on joy and a lovely celebration of his oneness. Tomorrow, two.



This is a word I don't like. I don't like the spelling, and neither do I like the way it's pronounced with hardly a reference to the way it's spelt.
Then again I'm also not much of a fan of 'spelt' - it's spelled, Shirley?


First Barefoot Walk

It was more of an accidental occurrence than a planned exertion as the little chap accosted me as I cycled up the driveway and rather than heading home his plan was that we were going out. I phoned home from Tesco to check​ that there was no dinner burning and then headed on up the village. It was at this point, around the bakery, that he kicked off his wellies and naturally i did not take any persuasion to join him. We then walked on unshod to the ducks in the pond and then further to the park were we did the climbing wall (which is way easier barefooted) and the solid steel slide​ - a little chilly - as the sun set. This was rounded off by the excitement of seeing a tractor drive past the village green. What could be better?


Three Word Thursday

This evening, while having a bath, was the first time the little guy strung three words together. It was only last Thursday that he did two at a time, which I think was "daddy down". During the week there have been increasing range of instructional two-worders with a lot of them involving saying bye-bye to me, Dr K, Eme (auntie) etc. Tonight, at the end of our bath I heard "Daddy get out".


Nearly there...

After just over three weeks Dr K and the little guy are on their way home. When I checked first thing this morning there were over Mongolia; now it's somewhere in Russia west of the Ural Mountains. It's been a packed few weeks with bike maintenance, film watching, some Lego building, friend visiting and more DIY than I could have imagined: plastering, painting, filling, cutting, insulating, shelving, moving, mounting, fixing, tweaking and the odd bit of safety-proofing. I'm nearly finished now with just over two hours to go and plenty of cleaning up to accomplish before it's fit to welcome my family back home.

Heading Home. © Nick Bailey
Dr K and little guy on their way home


New Year's Day

Migraine still sucks.


New year's eve

Migraine sucks.[2016-12-31]

He's growed up again

No only is his face now so much more that of a boy than it was, but for the last couple of nights, when I've put him to bed he's sat down on his pillow with a chosen book ready for me to sit next to him rather than him coming and sitting on my lap to read. The previous few nights I snook him onto my lap (which he didn't resist). Tonight I just sat next to him and we read together looking for owls in Bedtime for Monsters and What the Ladybird Heard. He did slip his head onto my lap just before I laid him down to sleep and off he drifted. God it tears me up every night.


Monkey turtle monkey monkey turtle money turtle

I love putting the little guy to bed. Apart from a recent tendency to be a little more clingy than he was, he's usually brilliant. First he sits on my lap and we read some books, then I get him to lie down and read a little more. If he's in a good mood then we'll say good nigh tot he light bulb before I switch it off and then I might try and tell him a story in the dark.

One of his adorable traits is to point at things in a book while I name them. One of our favourite books is the Snail and the Whale and his favourite page in it has a monkey (queue hands in armpits) and a turtle on a beach. He points, I name. Today we added dolphin to the list.

Oh, and Trump just got elected. What a missed opportunity.



The Histon & Impington Community Orchard (HICOP) ran a mini festival this weekend in the orchard that they set up and planted about three years ago. The weather had been stunning first thing and the little chap and I had been out doing some gardening and making the most of it. Just as his lunchtime nap-time approached - a tricky organisational hazard of the day - the heavens opened for a mini deluge. Lunch was hastily assembled and after a bit of post lunch cajoling we were able to get out there to see what was going on.

It was a little like the Autumn Festival which we attended in smelly Milton last Sunday only about a fifth the size, but not that much worse for it. There was a food van a couple of charities, a local honey producer (acquired), tea/coffee/cake and the customary apple juicing station which was frankly epic in the amount of effort and productivity. We had also heard there was an apple identification lady so we had come prepared with an apple and branch from both the apple trees in the garden (technically one is in the neighbour's garden but they don't really exist and it's currently looking for new tenants).

Failing to cut a short story short, they were identified, at least one with good confidence. The neighbour's rather yellow-green tasty fresh apple turns out to be a Golden Delicious - really almost gave myself away. Our tree was mostly thought to be a Charles Ross. Sadly she couldn't identify the mouldy illness that it has seemed to suffer from over the past few years which results in concentric latitudinal rings of browning a couple of mm under the skin. We didn't juice any this year as the crop is too small but also because we still have some in the freezer from last year (oops, erm).