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Blogs, blogs everywhere...

I have quite a number of blogs dotted around the web. Most importantly are the three on the nickbailey.co.uk front page. These bloggings get filed away fist to the main link on the left and then to a filing system by month, navigated via a pull down menu.

My basic web log : blog : which contains various mind ramblings, a sort of journal/rambler.

Then there is the : photo blog : which chronicles my life through the medium of photography.

Finally, my : faith blog : containing some musings on my journey of faith. Interesting reading for brothers, sisters, agnostics and atheists alike (hopefully).

While backpacking alone around China in the summer of 2004 I maintained my : china blog : capturing the sights, smells and experiences of the most populated country on Earth.

And it doesn't stop there as I also have three Blogger blogs.

nickbailey :: Photo Blog - mostly just photos uploaded through Picasa but also with some textual blogs.

Barefoot Bearded Geek - a venture to go shoe-less resulted in many experiences and findings that required a dedicated blog.

Plight of the Thin Man - an underpopulated blog about the struggles of life in the thin world.