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Might as well make use of my brain

Well this page should seek to keep you remotely up-to-date with how my learning Chinese is going. The Chinese characters represented here are all as images as not all you you will have Chinese fonts installed. I recommend if you run XP to install these fonts as you never know quite when you'll need them.

So I'm sort of committed to this, though it does appear quite (read extremely) daunting especially when I have a word and I check my wall (see photo blog) to see if I already have it. Also I'm running into the problem of needing to start to combine characters in order to continue.


The following script is a prayer in Chinese that I'm learning, a prayer that says God is good and that I will follow him and sing his praise. This prayer will hopefully take me to China (not literally - that might need rephrasing) and keep me close to God, plus how cool is it to pray in another language!

So far I've got the first sentence under my belt : )

Some useful links

If you are looking to learn Chinese too then these links may help you, there certainly are helping me:

Top Link


Also good to have a look at: