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my journey

Missing Me Missing You

This page was constructed while traveling around China in 2004

It's Not All Fun and Frolics

There are a number of things that I've missed while I've been in China that I though I should note down for you to go 'ahh' at and for me to observe and be thankful for at a later date. This list will not be completed until I return from China for reasons that don't need explaining at this time.

Things I Miss

  • family
  • friends
  • my 'other family' * the family of Jesus
  • my rabbit
  • my cats
  • sugar free Alpen with real milk - ahhh..... - I'm still enjoying it now I'm back :)
  • sitting and not doing anything
  • the BBC - oh the great British Broadcasting Corporation
  • music of a western nature
  • the British sense of humour
  • comedy in general
  • watching films
  • a pint of cider
  • having a home
  • free television
  • my racing bike (bikes here are rubbish)
  • common sense
  • a spell checker
  • the ability to cue
  • the ability to use escalators correctly
  • cooking for myself
  • freedom of thought
  • spell checkers
  • England - ooh controversial

Things I'll Miss

  • * persecution of faith - requiring action to believe
  • cheap good food
  • cheap living
  • cheap just-about-everything-else
  • sleeper trains
  • the scenery (mountains)
  • the smells (the good ones)
  • public squat toilets
  • having no work to do
  • life on the road
  • meeting other travelers (backpackers)
  • not being able to speak the language
  • bamboo
  • the lack of OTT safety precautions anywhere

Things I Won't Miss

  • Chinese tourists
  • bottled water (and the need to drink it)
  • sweating into my eyeballs
  • the pollution
  • traffic congestion
  • spitting
  • nose blowing
  • staring
  • touts
  • people smoking
  • the smells (the bad ones)
  • over staffing
  • * the PSB - not nice
  • not being able to speak the language
  • men all wearing brown polo shirts