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China Travel Albums



I took an overnight hard seat trian ride to Kaifeng, a small city that had an original Jewish community and then a christian community set up my missionaries. I arrived at 2 in the morning after a great rainstorm that flooded the dtreets.

A lovely Austrian tourist I met in Kaifeng

On the first morning I met this traveller from Austria who was having breakfast. I knew she was not from round these parts as she had a copy of The Lonely Planet! We walked round the city for a couple of days enjoying the night market and trying to order some, any vegetarian food at one of the restaurants.

My hotel right next to the night market

This is the cheap hotel that I stayed at. Food was included but at a price I hadn't paid per night yet. They were able to serve me with a room at 3 in the morning though!

A back street pagoda - well worth the walk

A city well worth a visit, with some nice un spoilt history and some back ally pagordas. I did also manage to find the site of the old Jewish synagogue and the Christan community, briefly taking part at some conformation service!