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China Travel Albums

Inner Mongolia

The group going for it's first communal shower

On the bed in our school accommodation

Chin Hwa with lovely reflections in her sunglasses

The hairdressers and those who had their hair cut

A forlorn donkey pulling a cart

Some strange flora seemed to populate the region

Believe it or not a cabbage ice lollypop

Taking one of many hair-raising motocab rides

Ahh the beauty of the long drop

Jesus is here too, though we weren't welcome by the authorities

So we pitched up a church in a nearby forest clearing

Jesus died for this place as well

Taking water from a well at a hospital

Mongolian script on a blackboard

Traditional grasslands and yurts

Some beautiful friends I made

Lovely old style train

High octane motocab races

Traditional Mongolian hot-pot

Savouring our final day together