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China Travel Albums

Hong Kong

Paddies fields in the South of China

Construction in Shenzhen

Signposts to Hong Kong - right oh

The Chunking Mansions, where I was going to stay

Downtown Hong Kong, what a place

People everywhere in Mon Kok

Christ is back in force :)

Chinese people who have died and now in glory with Christ

The skyscrapers of Central

Next door to the HSBC building - just where did their logo come from?

No spitting, what a relief

IFC2 dominates the skyline

The beautiful toilets on the ground floor od the IFC2

The 55th floor of the IFC2

My best view of Chep Lap Kok the new airport in Hong Kong

And then to Kai Tak - I'm such an aero geek

The cityscape from The Peak

The YMCA where the church meets

Traditional Chinese culture abounds

The coastal walk on the South China Sea

Hotels on the beach with holes for dragons to pass through

Colonial buildings at Stanley

Tropical undergrowth on the islands

Buttress roots and snakes

The farthest south I've ever been

Having dinner that night with my good friend Chin Hwa

The only clear day as I left Hong Kong across the harbour