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China Travel Albums


A man and his bamboo raft on the Lijiang

Guilin tourists disembark at Yangshuo en-mass

Then they all go shopping for knickknacks (identical to everywhere else)

The friends I met and stayed with in Yangshuo

First attempt at an ugly fruit, 'twas a nice experience

One of the girls that looked after me

Rafters floating down river

The mighty karst landscape

Friends I'd made in Chengdu who I accidentally met up with on my bike

The fresh fish that was killed and cooked for our lunch

Failing light over the landscape

A sweet old lady trying to sell me stuff

Sunset lighting the karsts

The mighty karst in the middle of Yangshuo

All paths seem to lead to shrines

My legs having climbed two mountains that day

Floodlit karsts

This was where they sold motorbikes

Trees turned into beams

Next door : beams turned into banisters

Bamboo rafts and swimmers in the Lijiang below

the impressive sunset from the karst I climbed while waiting for my train

A fully laden me having just climbed a limestone karst