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3 - Jiuzhaigou

Well just a quickie here as I'm sitting in someone's home using their internet account. I don't know the person who's home it belongs to but this is China and things like this seem to happen all the time.

I'm currently in Sichuan Province, the one with the food and Pandas outside Juizhaigou National Park which looks like a less steamy version of Yellowstone in the US. I haven't yet gone in the park as of yet even though I've been here for two days as I've been cunningly enlisted into the Second Sichuan Provincial Tourism Conference that is happening here in a few days time. They were really pleased when they heard that a real English man was coming and so have put me up in a hotel in exchange for my excellence in improving the English of the translators that they are training. I haven't actually told them that I'm dyslexic though I have known that there spelling is better than mine - well you can't have everything and as I said this does appear to be China.

I'll be spending a few more days in the Province staying with a lovely friend of mines' parents who have kindly given me a place to stay in Chengdu. I then move on to Kunming and Hong Kong.

So all is well here, I hope the same is true for all you folks!

Love Nick