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2 - Tianjin

Right oh chaps, looks like I'm still alive and kicking around this part of the world even though I haven't sent out an email in a long time, sorry about that.

I'm currently in Tianjin, a city pretty close to Beijing and have been teaching a group of disabled children's teachers English for the past four days. It's been quite a challenge for me and I've learnt a fair bit of English while I'm at it, thankfully I've had an excellent companion teaching with me, a lovely Kiwi lady.

I'm leaving later today to travel by train (fifteen hours) to a really small town in northern Inner Mongolia where we will be teaching english for about 7 days non-stop. The class sizes will be bigger so it's a little more daunting than what I've just been doing but it will be a great experience too. Plus the information were getting is suggesting that there is no running water in the accommodation, toilets don't exist in the town and shops are hard to come by! Email access will likely also be zero so don't expect much news till I get back, sorry about that too.

I'm really enjoying myself here in China, meeting really wonderfully people and loads of brothers and sisters that I never knew I had! The food continues to be enjoyed greatly by myself and I'm getting serious tips for when I return - so get your orders in quick.

If your in contact with Doug in the near future do mention me, his son has been a great help of late!

All the best,