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As we have established previously my life is not a dramatic Eastenders storyline, nor a character from one of those lovely romantic comedies (unfortunately). Some may even accuse me of being boring, but I say NO!

For a start I am a Christian (ooh controversial :) so if you want to know what I believe then find out more info here. And I'm always up for a long deep argument on any matter of faith/God/theology from whatever side of any fence you locate the entirety of your being on.

For a second point I also enjoy things, so you might like to find out what I like doing here (plus it's always fun to be nosy into someone life).

The list of unlinks on the left is expanding and will soon be linked up so you can read some of what's there. What fun!


Now combined into life

Included around these pages are (or will be) a few things to make to think. Some deep, others surreal, and yet more just useful bits to include at posh dinner parties.

It's possibly not something that you normally come to a website expecting, and certainly not one with a domain like mine. But hay, what else it the web for? And seeing as how I found a load of my mind's ramblings from over the years on my Palm 505* I thorough I'd collect them and pop them here.

Well lets get going, select your specialized chosen subject from the list on the left...

*yes, I rise further in the geek rating with a Palm hand held computer