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Do you know anyone at university who has their own menu?

Well you do now. Indeed it is true, I have produced my own take-away menu for my friends. Which you can download as a pdf [ Shangri-La Menu ]. It was really only a bit of fun and a way to improve my own cooking (vegetarian of course).

I call myself the Shangri-La (which means a distant imaginary paradise) due to the newspaper cutting I have on my door and it's link to Frasier. The list is quite extensive and nowhere near complete but a good start.

Cookery Books

I have a big problem with cookery books and that is that I don't use them. I really don't enjoy simply following a recipe to get the same result every time. I greatly prefer the cooking rather than the eating so it kinda takes the fun out of it.

My ideal is for a cookery theory book which just simply explains the reasons why certain spices are mixed together, how different methods of cooking affect the flavors, what cunning tips there are to enhance the dishes and what the vegetables exist to use.

So in the three sections on the left I hope to include some of the things I have gathered from my experimenting. Until then I'll just pop up a list of the dishes I make.