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I've taken the following straight from my faith blog as it was taking it up and really deserved to be in it's own page. So here it is, still to be completed and still to be run over, but it contains some of what conclusions I have come to.

The Great Debate

OK so the Isoc guys didn't like me saying that possible there are inaccuracies in the Qur'an so they chucked me off the IAW2004 forum but it's still up, so do take a look. Just don't expect to be heard if you say anything that might go against the laws of Islam.

Sadly I have lost my respect for the Muslim faith* since IAW, it really just doesn't hold water for me. Now you might be thinking that I'm rebelling against it as I fear to know the truth, but really this isn't the case. It hold no ground and only survives today because of the social structure it maintains.


This social structure has mushroomed out from the core of Islam - i.e. Muhammad - to be very large on the surface but with no center. In a mushroom the stem supports the canopy which reaches wide and brushes the ground. Now if you take a mushroom and remove it's stem and pop it on the ground it doesn't collapse, because it's a self supporting dome. However it has no central core or root. In the same way this is a representation of Islam. The social society has mushroomed out from Muhammad and the core has withered and died.

In basic words Islam is just a society, it has no longer a root in faith or God. Lets's take some photos.

The humble mushroom, it's skirt reaches the ground hiding what lies within.

A cross-section of the original mushroom shows the original stem.

The stem can wither and die but the mushroom remains firm and unchanged

See what I mean? I really don't think that the original message relates to the current state of Islam. I'm open to the suggestion that Muhammad did have a real real word from God, but I don't think it was meant to be a message to mankind and certainly not the last revelation to mankind - it doesn't fit with the nature of God to me.

The evidence I have for it not being God's word is from the Qur'an - it is quite freely proclaimed that Muhammad was given the revelation of the Qur'an by the angel Gabriel. That is the very same angel (the one so often quoted as he's so 'famous') from the Bible.

Two things sprout from this, most importantly it marks God's departure from his usual technique of talking to prophets (typically face to face). And secondly how do we know it actually was Gabriel?

As far as I'm aware the first encounter is in a cave, Muhammad is asleep and the angel (or possibly more) waft around deciding weather to wake him, then end up throwing him round the cave (physically). The second mention is when Muhammad sees Gabriel all the way round him as a light shining on the horizon.

>- Muhammad never met with God -
- Muhammad received revelation from an angel -

Now this isn't looking good, as these are not definitely God's words (unlike 10 commandments, transfiguration, etc) and just who is this angel of light (literally).

Unfortunately for Islam we could find an answer in the New Testament:

2 Corinthians 11:24
And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

Not conclusive, but it does show what the devil is capable of. I am not saying that Islam is devil worship - no - just that they have been led astray from the truth in Jesus.

So the basis of the Qur'an is shaky, now we should back that up with what is actually says. Does it's content seem accurate, fit with God's previous word, hold water?

* as in the notions they hold as being from God, i.e. basically the Qur'an. I plainly see that the social structure set up is strong and does survive.

Am I being blasphemous? Well I might be accused of being so, but I believe that the very words of the Qur'an are blasphemous to the living Word of God. They put words into the mouth of Jesus (quite literally - saying he spoke to Mark on the day he was born!) and attempt to re-write the historically accurate Bible.