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[ 24-7 prayer ] - non-stop prayer across the nations

Prayer is powerful and it works!

Prayer is the primary way that we as humans can communicate with God. Sounds weird and a little tacky but is true. It's quite surprising how many people will turn to prayer when the going gets tough and that's only one of the times when prayer is needed. In fact constant prayer is a much sought after ideal and is why the 24-7 prayer movement was begun in 1999.

This isn't a page of 24-7 prayer advertisements, I just feel strongly that constant prayer is completely superb and I would recommend that everyone go to a prayer room if there is one near them (details of where there taking place on one of the links). I've been to a number of prayer weeks and the feeling of disbelief at the prospect of having to pray all night till 8 am is crazy. What's more weird is that when 8 am comes there's still so much that you haven't had a chance to fit in!

How to pray?

Well to start with there is the simple sit down and ask God for things that you need or that others are in need of - clothes, health, peace, decisions, housing etc. Then you could write things, a letter to God, or what about drawing some of your inner feelings - doesn't matter if your no good at art.

But what about doing something out loud? Get some music with a good beat, turn it up really loud then start praying for things with passion out loud, screaming your prayers and worship to God. Let it out - and you have Loud Prayer (I'd recommend music by Andy Hunter)

And when you've worn yourself out, get some friends together and pray as a group, in the quiet, with hands in the air or on each other, get real and speak with the tongues of angles.

Most of the directions are in the Bible, check out the New Testament for help.