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Worship is increasingly a more important aspect of my life. My upbringing was in a largish Methodist church with an elderly congregation and uninspiring minister. There worship wasn't talked about, if anything it was the old hymns that we sang on Sunday morning.

When I arrived at Uni I found the CU with the Friday night meeting. This was an immense shock to the system as I found a lecture theater full of students my age singing joyfully together.
[Before you point it out I know that I worship God (or at least try) with my whole life and that worship is not just singing]

This first initiated my shift towards who I am today, some may say charismatic (but I can't spell that). I love singing worship songs as I can get emotional about what I am singing, I also enjoy the occasional hymn which still arouses some of the majesty and might of God that is lost in some songs.

I don't want to see every christian on the planet singing the same things (as God could get a tad bored), but I do feel that the time for singing only old hymns with complex words and sitting down after every one is over.

If we do not develop and evolve as a church then we will not see young people enter our doors.