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Every site must have a links page in the vein hope that I'll link someone who will at some point the the non-present (though it would of course be the present, or at least 'a' present in which the action is taken) place a link back to me, ergo the web continues.

So if you are one of those people, why not save everyone else the parallel time mechanics imposed by the previous paragraph and just link me now. Lovely.

As you will no doubt peruse in the future to your left (though there is an equally tangible 'future-prospect' to your right) I have a number of contacts over the web, as well as a few sites of my own that you might like to look at. I've also included some links that you might just find interesting, or at least I did.

And as you will no doubt note I have even organized the links in to handy groups to ease your navigation. Am I not I just completely lovely?