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my sites

Well you did ask for it. Yep, here they are in all their Technicolor glory* so access them at your own risk. Basically this is a bit of self advertising so do please humour me (and humor yourself by looking at the lower links!).

* WARNING: some of these websites are old and might well use terrible clashing colours

- this is my proverbial home on the university website. Recently rewritten
Global Sky
- a new more professional portal of my world
Symphonic Surge
- the website of my classical radio program, Saturday morning 9 till 10
Bethesda Methodist Church
- the website of my church back home in Cheltenham
Catholicism: Questions Answered
- a site I created for a friend about the Catholic faith
- the Southampton medical group, site designed by me
- fourth year Aerospace Engineering includes an aircraft design team project
Yeliab on H2G2
- although I spend less time here these days, this was where I began
- my online astronomical society. Established in August 2000
My Flash Page
- I once created a 'site' in flash animation. Here it is and it's not that bad
My Space
- very first tender steps with some free space on virgin.net