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So who am I?

Good question. Do I know? Well, I'm getting there...

First off my name is Nicholas Bailey, I was born in Cheltenham in 1981 where I grew up. Reading this website will tell you all you need to know (and possibly more than you wanted to know) about me. But for a brief fun down then you can view my 'profile'.

Something that is very important to me is China. Back in 1988 my Mum traveled there on one of my Grandfathers expeditions from Beijing to Shanghai and then to Hong Kong. Since then China has always held a fascination and we've enjoyed cooking and eating Chinese food. Then, back in my forth year at university I decided to take a trip there myself. So for two months in the summer of 2004, I back packed round that amazing county. You can find out more in the China section of this website as well as my ongoing challenge to learn Chinese

[I am the nemesis of the mole]