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In 2004 I received a First Class Honours degree from Southampton University in Aerospace Engineering what I was most pleased with and also consider was quite an achievements. This lead me to think that I should add this page, a page of my life's achievements, not so that I can be so proud and boast about how great I am, but so that I can give my thanks to all those who have helped me achieve what I have.

Things I'm Proud I've Done

  • Traveling two months in China alone
  • Masters of Engineering : First Class
  • Cycled from John o'Groats to Lands Ends
  • Being confirmed as a member of Christ's church
  • Three A's at A-level : Maths, Physics and Design Technology


Firstly my Mum, Elaine Bailey, who has bought me up practically single handedly and has given me and my brother Chris Bailey such a wonderful loving childhood. To that end I would also like to thank my entire family, notable my grandparents who are now with the Lord. My upbringing has also been supported by my step father Peter Boait and John Dixon who have given me so much time and love.