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a little more about me

He's just 'zis guy you know?

I'm Nick Bailey. You can email me by putting a me @ this domain. I have been alive for over a quarter of a century, which is a little daunting, but I like to think that on average I'm still only just 12 and a half. Some describe me as eccentric, which I think fits (though it does sort of mean "crazy - but in a good way"). I have a full head of shortish dark hair and am bearded on and off. I'm short in vertical accolades, too thin for my liking (trying to attain 10 stone), quite intelligent to marred by dyslexia, definitely geeky and quite proud to be different.

I have two external blog sites:
nick bailey photobloger
barefoot bearded geek

What do I like?

I enjoy travelling allot, I've visited many places throughout the developed world with my family including America, Canada and much of Europe. I've touched Mexico but that's about it where the developing world is concerned, and in 2004 I travelled right round China.

I ride a road bike and have since I first learnt to cycle. The first bike I brought was a Dawes Giro 300 in red (naturally) which I rode 990 miles from John o'Groats to Land's End in September 2002. Then in 2005 I cycled from Southampton with my friend Luke to the Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh. Sadly my bike was stolen shortly after I got back. I now have a rather splendid Orbea Line, but I haven't taken it off any sweet jumps.

As you might have gathered I'm also a bit of a plane admirer. I am in no way a plane spotter (did this one and scared myself by seeing what I could become). This relates to my Aerospace Engineering course so I can call it 'practical experience'.

My Profile

  • :: I love Jesus
  • :: I'm a research student at Southampton University
  • :: I'm an amateur astronomer and have met Patrick Moore on a number of occasions
  • :: I love too cook, especially Chinese
  • :: Preferred means of transport is my racing bike - speed freak
  • :: I eat lots of fruit
  • :: Coffee: fair traded decaffeinated beans
  • :: I drink many pints of green/jasmine/chrysanthemum tea every day
  • :: I don't enjoy going to bed
  • :: Sex is not on my list of activities (yet)
  • :: I love the Chinese, all one point six billion of them
  • :: I practically live off rice
  • :: I'm vegetarian
  • :: I love american hard gums (vegetarian)
  • :: I enjoy arguing
  • :: I frequently swear, I'm not proud of this, but I don't see it as a problem
  • :: I struggle with my pride, and wish it wasn't so strong
  • :: I enjoy my own company, though look forward to having a family - anyone?
  • :: Favourite book - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • :: Favourite alcoholic drink - Wells Banana Beer
  • :: Favourite music - classical - LOTR soundtrack
  • :: Most hated word - 'favourite'
  • Nick Bailey
    myself on an A320

    [ me @ nickbailey.co.uk ]