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FujiFilm A204

My FujiFilm A204 has sadly now been superceeded by two new cameras. The Fuji was an excellent camera which took most of the early photo blog images up to July 2004, and is still taking great images now. However, I recently acquired two new cameras a Canon S60 and Nikon D70. These sadly kick ass and I haven't looked back since. Further more the quality of the D70 knocked my socks off and I've pretty much fallen in love with it, the size, shape, feel of it just oozes quality image.

So why get two cameras? A case of why get one when you can get two at twice the price? The reason being that I wanted an SLR to take amazing images, but I also wanted to option of shooting video with audio and doing automatic time lapse. So I picked up the S60 too which came highly recommended by friends. So both complement each other in terms of size, functionality and quality. However, given the chance it's the D70 all the way!

This section gives some more information on both my Nikon D70 and Canon S60, with sample pictures, problems I've encountered and any solutions discovered. This might give you some impression of these two devices and possible convince you to get your own.

nikon d70

My Nikon D70
My Nikon D70 (friend)

This camera is phenomenal, it rocks, the images it captures just blow me away sometimes and I've yet to take a bad shot with it. The look and feel are great, it gives the impression of a top quality camera, and matches that statement with the pictures it captures.

There are some problems I've experienced with it: dust on the CCD - apparently a problem with Nikon Digital SLR's, and a slower rapid fire shutter than my brothers identical D70. But these issues are minor.

The main competition when I brought it was from the Canon 300D. The race was close as the Canon had lower ISO (ummm) and was cheaper, but the Nikon received better reviews. I decided upon the Nikon due to the feel of it and form some good testimonies saying that it's worth paying that little extra for a 'better' camera. I still long for ISO rating below 200, but must make do. Now Canon has released its 350D, which appears as even stiffer competition, and has now taken the lead (due in part to a substantial increase in build quality by Canon). However I love the handling of this camera, the weight feels just so right, and that lovely clunk as it takes a picture is satisfying!

I have brought this as some investment for the future, getting a camera that takes stunning images that I will still find impressive for some years to come. Unfortunately the digital market is just so crazy and fast-paced that getting and Digital SLR is risky, but with a range of quality lenses I should be set for a while.

The New Lens Blues

I'm currently in the throws of buying a new lens for my D70. The standard kit lense, 18 - 70 mm is all well and good, but has it's limitations in both zoom and quality. I'd really like a good macro lens as I love taking shots of flowers, but at the same time I'd love a good 200 or 300 zoom to afford me close ups of wild life. Then there is the prime lenses that just exude quality, so these are tempting me as well. ebay here I come!

canon s60

Technically a great compact camera with good functionality, a 5 meg sensor and 24mm wide angle. I primarily got it for doing time lapse photography but haven't as yet experimented with this. It also does good quality video with sound.