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When at Southampton University I'm a member of the Southampton University Photographic Society (Photosoc). I joined this year after I got my Nikon D70 in the summer. In October the group went out to Winchester for a day trip photographing the architectural and natural beauty of the city. Then in November I lead a group out onto the common to attempt to capture the Leonid meteor shower. It didn't really happen but I managed to get some shots of strats through clouds. It's surprising what came out really.


Today I took a day out with the Southampton University Photographic Society to Winchester, that beautiful little medieval city north of Southampton. The thing is that Soton itself would have looked like this if it hadn't been for the war :( My brother joined the party of about 8 (7 be the time we departed - sorry Jamie) which was really great, and I snapped away with my D70 taking the following photographs and many more.

To His Glory

The Cathedral Grounds

The Vibrant Autumnal Brilliance

Back Alley Old House