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Well lets see...

Question 1 -
If given the choice where would you sit in an aeroplane?

Geek Status
front row you like to get a good view of the flight deck good quality aero geek
row 5 good visuals of the ground below with no wing obstruction pretty geeky because you know the seat number but not a true aero geek (more geographer)
in front of leading edge good unobstructed view of engine intake (jet) or propellers propulsion aero geek. nice
by wing emergency exit no view except the wing, (and no cunning bits at that) probably just a bit safety conscious with no real geek attributes but possibly quite tall
near trailing edge fantastic view of TE but ground disturbed by exhaust gasses spot on aero geek, this is where all the business happens, triple slotted flaps, umm...
rear row far from flight deck but near noise of APU you either have a weak bladder or want to say hello to the flight attendants

Question 2 -
How many types of people are there in the world?
<0 just don't go into your quasi hyper-physics I'd like to see you explain that
none possibly, I'd have to check possible geek
1 - 9 no doubt it, it's just wrong
10 yes, those that understand binary and those that don't either a geek or you've heard this one before
11+ doesn't really work even if you did give a good answer smart aleck

Question 3 -
What colour clothes are you wearing?
  • If you didn't check then - no!
  • If you had to check and see - you're a geek, welcome ;)

So how did you do?