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the colour pink

A Bold Statement?

It appears that I've adopted a slight pink theme through nickbailey.co.uk now with the page title in a big pink tab and the side bar separator also sporting an attractive shade (HTML code: #FFE5FF for those interested).

Was it a bad move? I don't think so, I happen to feel it's rather attractive and livens up this otherwise dull blue place quite a bit. So it's staying for the time being at least.

Maybe it's a mid-life crisis (at 22?) or just me getting in touch with my feminine side, but I LIKE PINK. There. I said it. I feel liberated.

In particular pink on red

I feel there should be a renaissance of the colour pink. It's completely underrated, certainly form a male point of view. It doesn't have the pizaz of purple (and all the trendyness that goes with it), nor the intellectual nature of mauve, or the seductiveness of crimson, but it has its place.

And that place is with red, to act as a really beautiful highlight and blusher. As in my 'Love' wallpaper I found that pink worked really well to act as a striking burst of light without the harshness of white.

Try it, experiment. Pink really isn't this naff colour that needs to be left in the colour pallet for a rainy day. It has character, it flows and picks up some of the humour of red and certainly enhances text.