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Are you feeling sad because it's autumn and getting dark earlier and everything all around you is dying? Do you find you often get more depressed at this time of year? Well you may suffer from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. I do to some extent and so this page may just get you through those autumnal blues (reds, yellows and browns too).

I'm personally against the twice yearly hour changes, I feel these are unnecessary and cause uncalled for disruptions to many peoples lives. I generally take about two weeks to adjust and it generally makes me feel quite down for that period. If you feel the same way then let me know, and maybe we can start up a group.

On the brighter side

This autumn has been especially vibrant with trees putting on completely fabulous displays of colour. I've scanned in some of the leaves I've collected as you can see., Why not try this yourself and celebrate the beauty that is all around.

If your at a loose end now that the days are shorter why not take up a nocturnal hobby (and please remove those thoughts from your mind). I'm talking about astronomy (or possibly bat watching), which is only improved by longer nights. I run an online astronomical society called h2g2as, so you can join that for a start and then get outside and watch the stars!