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store cupboard


It was exam time not long ago and this beard appeared on the front page detailing some of the procrastination that I got up to while I was meant to be revising. However it didn'g get filled in quite as often as I though it was going to as I actually did do a hell of a lot of revision!

Board Of Procrastination

cleaned room
got new washing machine
painted steps
painted shelves
made green tea
picked flowers
ordered notes*
visited this website

this board

finished coursework*
gone swimming
sorted paperwork
tended to plants
answered questionnaire
chatted with friends
watched neighbours
taken photographs

this board

dusted plants
repotted plants
google searched
listened to Mozart
watched a spider weave a web over my monitor

this board

made coffee [not for me :(]
taken friends blood pressure
watched Frasier :)
this board
played bubble trouble
watched neighbours
more swimming
voted in elections
had revision parties*