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I was finding that the Termonology page was a little redundant and so have stored it here for past reference.

Is that English Nick?

Possibly, though perhaps not, you can rarely tell tell with me. I speak a lot, much of it complete rubbish, a great deal spoken at speed (preventing me forgetting what I was about to say) and much of it spotted with spoonerisms and general nickisms. Plus the spelling of what I say is completely appalling!

These Nickisms are the focus of this page, to give you an insight into what the hell I'm going on about. It will start small and grow as more become apparent. If you note any throughout the wastelands of this site do let me know by dropping me an email.

some strange mix between photo and picture
twoards twoards toards toowards twords
I just really hate the standard spelling, so I opt for this one
mainly I just over-use (cirtainly like this [and this]) parentaces to get completely off topic (and onto dramaticly wild ones)