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Welcome to the world of work. I won't go on about this too much as my website is primarily about the rest of my life outside of the nine to five. But as it is with work, it does form quite a large part of one's life.

I enjoy working, I always have. I've had a few voluntary jobs, and some summer work while at university, but now my life embarks on what should be a career. Though I don't really believe that careers exist these days in the same way they did (outside of the vocational world). It seems far more likely that you look back at your retirement with a sudden realization of "oh, so that's what I did". I kind of look forward to that, but I also look forward to the many places and ways I might work over the course of my life. Who knows what will happen - and that's the exciting thing I guess.

Until then, however, feel free to have a read of my CV (or résumé if you're not using "British English" [sic]) and give me a bell if you think I might be of service (assuming I'm not already of service to someone else (which I am)).