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web design

Still not wholly sure why this page is here but after some of my front page ramblings I think there may be a use for it. And that is this: To discuss my views to the world at large.

For a start here are a few of my mind's ramblings that have been web related:

  • is the web an active working example of communism (in the 'every man works for the good of all' way in which I understand it)
  • what is that critical balance between amount of wordage and content
  • do you need fancy graphics or is language a better graphical tool
  • when writing a site who are you talking to
  • should I use full stops. Or not
  • who many of the keyboard keys that used to be so unused are now commonplace [ /_\@|* ] (think I'll write an article on this one)

Currently I'm trying to strike the balance of content and wordage. Too many words and no-one will read it, too few and what's the point of the page?

The other challenge is using font and text as my medium. You might be able to note that I didn't spend too many hours on the GUI for this site, though I think at present this it an advantage. However in future I might enhance it but hopefully not to the deficit of having interesting text.

Web design - a tricky business ::

Still on the hunt for new styles and thoughts on web design. For the present I'm happy with the site design - functional, navigate-able, minimalist with a limited subtle colour pallet - but my mind is wondering onto possible pastures new

I decided it was about time to do a full upload of my wallpaper collection. I still have plenty more in store but have realised they can take up quite a large amount of space. I did want to pop them up as png's but that was going to be huge so there only jpg (compression 3)

I'm getting a hold of the whole blog thing in the sense that the bit below will be my daily/whenyerly whitterings that will fill my blog, and this bit will just be for the here and now, to tell you more of what's up (and keep you coming back for more)

Modifying the explorer environment ~

Changing the mouse cursor on websites - NO
Using fade effects between pages - NO
Use of frames - NO
Changing the colour of scroll bars - NO
Comet Cursors - NO

Modular Church...

I'm having a think about redesign my Church site : Bethesda Methodist Church : as it's a little inscription at present. It is quite large and quite a job to contain it, but I feel that the present structure is a bit illogical and the pages themselves have very little expression. Indeed it's a bit like this site, where each page is just a standard template to fill, but I want to go more modular. I'm thinking about something along the lines of the NASA site which has gone über tech, though how this would work with a church, I'm not sure - could be an interesting fusion though.

Please continue to email me (not that any of you have yet ):